According to USATODAY COLLEGE, second-year student Lan Paje from San Francisco State University took it into his own hands to lend some creativity to his job application.

The college sophomore applied to 10 organisations for editorial and software engineering jobs. The computer science and journalism major took to the social networking site Snapchat after sending his application to prospective employers. Lan took the initiative to send in a creative, innovative application via Snapchat after noticing that the organisation he hoped to work for had a Snapchat.

Lan spoke to USATODAYCOLLEGE  sharing how he went about the application. “I knew I had to get my resume in the hands of a decision maker, so I decided to find a way to contact Brian Kelly,” Paje said. “I realised that he actually personally ran the TPG Snapchat account during his various travels, so I decided to screenshot my resume and send it to him via Snapchat’s chat feature.”

Paje’s efforts paid off as he landed the job in a position in the editorial department. The college student told USATODAYCOLLEGE “[It is important to] focus on a small subset of companies that you’re passionate about,” Paje said. “I’ve heard stories of friends who have haphazardly applied to over 30 companies and never received an interview offer.” Quality is better than quantity, he said.

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