Challenges, when overcome, creates opportunities that makes life worth living. It makes us grow. But in most instances, we allow these challenges to dictate the pace of our lives.

When the challenges in life seems as obstacles and hindrances, ask God to empower you to sail through. What we need to remind ourselves of, is that, these challenges are our best learning opportunities. These trying moments only seek to prepare us for battle. Challenges shapes, defines and harnesses you all round. It always places you a step further, makes you a touch tougher and a little more intelligent.

You tend to gain more experience, grow in stature and gain wisdom any time you face a challenge with a more positive mental attitude. If you see it as an obstacle, it will demoralize you beyond repair.

Bernice Johnson Reagon said “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are.”
Life will never go easy on you. Life will put you to the test. Life will ask more of you. Life will not wait for you to be ready. It is life’s way of asking you to do more to be happy and successful.

It is only up to you, to be prepared and ready to overcome and make yourself a happy person. The ball is very much in your court.



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