*You Can’t Fight This War Alone*
An address to entrepreneurs in 27 nations of the world by Dada-Stephen.

Life is a warfare, warfare is an unpleasant game which only the clever (not the fiercest) win.
To live a successful life, you have to be an entrepreneur, because the same principles that apply to marriage, career, politics and even religion applies in business.

Even God is a businessman.

Business is war and war is business.

No single individual ever fights or wins a war alone, only people who have the same interest, the same enemy and similar objectives.

When it’s time for war, I mean a general battle; allies put their differences aside and find a common ground to team up and face the singular enemy. A lot might happen in the process, but they most times win when they’re all focused on the same goal which is to kill or capture the enemy.

We have a major enemy!


It’s a monster that eats up the brain and contaminates the mind.
_It’s a universal enemy which knows no race, tribe, colour, language, religion, status, stature or age!_

CEOS’ Hub (Entrepreneurs Group) was established as a battalion of soldiers and lieutenants who have abandoned their background nomenclature to raise a common flag against the enemy called POVERTY.

We know it’s effect on our countries, people and families. It’s a tool for modern slavery!

I have not brought you together for anything personal, but for everything in line with crushing the skull of poverty. It has to begin with you, then it spreads to your environs then the world.

Poverty kills, it destroys, it truncates, deprives and enslaves people.

Everybody cannot be a soldier, I need soldiers who can fight with their brains and hands not with their mouths.

Will you agree to come together as friends who respect one another, who will be ready to support one another even when we fall in the battle?

Do you agree to fight poverty for the sake of the generation unborn and a better tomorrow of our society????

It’s up to you to say yes or say no.
Whatever response you give is correct.

President of CEOS’ Hub.


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    nice article, broh. I naturally love entrepreneurship.

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