“Just as candle cannot burn without fire, we cannot live without a spiritual life” Gautama Buddha

The world is full of religions, either you’re born into one, geographically find yourself in one or you simply adopt one, you can be convinced equally to join one. Understanding man strong bond to religion is baffling. But should one be spiritual or religious?

Whiles religion follows moral principles and beliefs as well the doctrines enshrined, spiritual life is all about what is inside one’s heart. The desire to serve without boundaries. Discern true values and principles that are very much part of our consciences.

As Gautama Buddha rightly put it “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart”

We impose limitations, live within a frame of morality and become more judgmental when we embrace religion. Fault finding is very near. Free-living is always a mile away from us. We find avoiding issues easier. There is difficulty confronting them. There is always this fear to go the full potential lest u break a rule.

Knowing good from bad needs no religion, showing kindness comes from within ourselves. The test is not what you believe, but what you have done. Conscience eats at you when you’ve done wrong.

Spiritual life opens you up. It pushes your boundaries. It allows you to harness and give to God what He demands of you.

“The Kingdom of God is within you,” Jesus said.

Religion tells you where to the server. It tells you what to serve. How to serve. Spiritual life is knowing who to serve because deep within you your soul links your body with your maker.
And when you realize the connection you realize the oneness. This creates completeness, peace, happiness and a fulfilment.


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