Many will wonder why the three are in the same line, as a student assignments are mandatory, research is part of student culture and this culture at some point is being violated by some members of the society with selfish motives, this motives termed as ‘updating my smartphone’, live streaming the latest movies and on the look of things its likes data being provided is limited or at some point not there. Yes, this is what most campus students do when they get to WiFi active zones not thinking about that fellow student who is there to conduct some research on an assignment.

Over the past few days, Moi University has been having unstable WiFi connections.  Nowadays comrades are surviving on what’s termed as “data mwitu”  so as to do activities that are set to be done by WiFi, poor WiFi connectivity forces comrades to use “data mwitu”. It’s saddening that even the campus admin has low connections but nothing is being done to correct this error…

Most comrades right now have even forgotten their passwords, passwords to connect them to the network. “I can’t even remember the last time I used the WiFi since hata haifanyi”, a comrades sentiment in a previous discussion with a number of comrades.

But wait a minute the Question being asked is, is it low network connectivity or is it the admin restricting members, or is the data not just available??

By: Chris Ashish

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