So there’s a new battle in town and it’s between UoN and KU, … No! not Kenyatta University, but Kisii University, Yes… you read that right. Students have taken to social media to prove which of the two universities is better.

The war cut across all aspects, the buildings in either university, the VCs, the lecturers, language…

Josh Ndago took to Facebook saying that this is the only tower in Kisii University, this, of course, is in comparison to the UoN towers.

The Vice Chancellors weren’t left behind, damn this was great…

Unfortunately, for Prof Mbithi a great pic of him taking a nap earned him the title eporofesa while K.U’s aka Havard of Kenya VC Prof Akama earned Professor. The pic shared by Avomba Edson added a caption line “Lanes, please. It is important!”

With the strikes and closure of the University of Nairobi, this was also used against the UoN students getting a blow with a post from Simon Ngati Sirkal

Vsk Shikuku was surprised with war, in a sarcastic asking “Why did matoke farmers pick up a fight with UON. WHY?” Nicholas Kidenge clarified the war “Any Uon student arguing with a student from Kisii you are a disgrace. Arguing with them is like joining the hens in their fight. I think when they say #Uon they mean proposed University of Nyamira .Students from Kisii can’t strike when they do so bodaboda men are beating them up like a stray dogs”

Antony Manyara, the UoN students’ chairman wasn’t left without a diss as K.U students went on with the war, Scott M. Mbadi Counsel wrote “When our the lives…. Nmekwama hapa😂😂😂😂comrades help me understand manyara😢😢Meanwhile English autopsy currently underway at city mortuary led by top government pathologist Dr. oduor 😎 #RIP_ENGLISH” with a screenshot of Manyara’s post.

Onyonka Justine tried to restore some sanity through his post “I think kisii must be having Blogging classes. This guys are keyboard warriors. Though factually UON is great,this bone is hardy for them to chew. #Peace

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