Held yearly, the ESA tournament is a project of the Nairobi University Engineering Students Association that seeks to nurture and promote football talent among the comrades. This year’s competition will kick off this Wednesday and will continue till late June.

The fourth year Electrical Engineering class of last year are the previous winners of the tournament and they will be seeking to retain the title. The grand prize for this year’s competition will be 20,000 Kenya shillings. Winners from the Round 1 knockouts will face new opponents in the second round of the knockouts from 15th May.


Round 1 of the tournament will commence this Wednesday May 2nd, with First year Biosystems class taking on their counterparts from the second year class. The winner of this clash will face Mechanical Engineering first years during Round 2 of the tournament, set to be played on 15th May.

Thursday the third, third year Civil Engineers will face Geospatial Engineers of the same year with a similar clash taking place on Friday when Civil Engineering fourth years take on fourth year Geospatial Engineers. Winners from the two matches will meet on May 16th.

Teams will then get a two-day break, with matches resuming on Monday the 7th. Third years Electrical Engineering will host fifth years Biosystems , with the winner getting ready to take on Mechanical Engineers fourth year class on 17th May.

Tuesday the eighth, second year Electrical Engineers and Geospatial Engineers from the first year class will battle out with the match winner facing fifth year Mechanical Engineers on 18th May.

The fifth year class of Electrical Engineers will take on third year Biosystems class on Wednesday May 9th, before the winner battling out against second year Mechanical Engineers on May 21st.

The knockouts will continue with Civil Engineering fifth years taking on Geospatial Engineering third years on Thursday. The match winner will face second year Civil Engineers on 22nd of May.

On Friday 11th May, fourth year Electrical Engineers will host same year Biosystem class and the winner will take on third years from Mechanical Engineering on May 23rd.

Round 1 of the tournament knockouts will end on Saturday 12th with a match between first year Electrical Engineers and second year Geospatial Engineers. The winner will then face first years from the Civil Engineering department on May 23rd.

Once the knockouts are over, a draw will be done for semifinals and dates announced.

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