The fifth and last method of generating business ideas in this series is the talent-based method.

Talent is a special inborn ability or skill that one possesses which may not have been acquired through formal training. Talent can be nurtured through education, training and practice.

Using natural abilities can result in inventions, creative arts and performance arts.

People invent new items which they offer for sale. The inventions can also be patented and sold to others who could use them to produce goods or offer services. For example, one such invention is s peg which is used for hanging drying clothes.

Other people use their creative ability to write songs, poems, plays, articles, scripts, novels etc. for sale.

Another category of creative people can draw illustrations; develop works of art; make sculptures; create paintings; draw cartoons; take photographs etc The illustrations, artworks, sculptures, paintings, cartoons, photos etc can be sold as a source of income.

In performance arts, people engage in activities that entertain others to earn a living. Examples of such activities are singing, acting, dancing, playing comedy etc.

EXERCISE: Get Your Hands Dirty

Identify that talent(s) that you possess and suggest at least two kinds of businesses that you can start based on the talent(s).

EXAMPLES: Inspiration

  • Singing. People with singing ability may record their songs and avail them for sale. They may also participate in musical concerts and get paid a fee.
  • Drawing illustrations. Quite a number of concepts require illustrations to make them clear for the reader. If one makes illustrations for explaining messages being conveyed in a book, he or she will be paid a fee for the work.
  • Writing books. People with writing skills may author books for sale as a source of livelihood.

Next week, Monday I will be sharing the criteria for selection of side hustle business idea.

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