It seems the Ministry of Education is not interested in resolving the lecturers strike, having refused to table the counter offer at the meeting with UASU officials yesterday. Our children are rotting away at home. Who will save us? Kindly post this message so that the country and in particular the 600,000 university students can know who the real devil is.

In issues of CBA, the MoE uses the IPUCCF which is NOT recognized by CUE or the Universities Act. By using IPUCCF the MoE is aiming to prolong the strike.

The MoE released the said “counteroffer” on Thursday but IPUCCF decided to take their sweet time to call for a meeting with UASU and therefore delaying the return of the 600,000 students to class.

IPUCCF met UASU officials on Saturday and set unrealistic ground rules for the Counter Offer to be released. They knew that UASU will reject the unrealistic ground rules.

This tactic by IPUCCF was simply a way to “comply” with the court order. (The court order was that MoE tables a counter offer before the next hearing. They will now wait for the court hearing and say that UASU refused to cooperate for the Counter Offer to be released).

Why should Dons, who are the most educated in the country, live using a 2013 CBA when this is 2018? Civil servants got a CBA for 2017-2021 without striking.

This brings in the big question.

Has university education been hijacked by cartels?

It seems that there is a ploy to coerce KCSE students to choose private universities in droves. Why is the government taking students to (private) universities that the students never chose?

It is high time the President cracks the whip on those who are hell-bent on jeopardising the lives of our youth, that is if he has the interest of the youth in his heart.

Letter to Cyprian Nyakundi

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