There seems to be no official end in sight to the lecturers strike as talks between them and the universities council yesterday collapsed.

Speaking after the talks, the Universities’ Academic Staff Union Secretary-General Constantine Wasonga said the government failed to table a counter-offer on the proposals the lecturers had made on the 2017/2021 CBA as expected.

He stated that the officials present also demanded that they negotiate the terms without the conciliator appointed by the court.

“The talks that we were supposed to be engaged in today were a joke. They collapsed because there was no counter-offer given. They also wanted us not to use the conciliator despite the directions by the court,” he said.

Apparently, The government on its part demanded that UASU should first withdraw two court cases before a counter-offer is tabled.

The cases concern job evaluation and an appeal challenging the illegality of their strike.

The lecturers will be now seeking an audience with the Labour Cabinet Secretary who is the conciliator, to chart the way forward on the matter.

Escalate The Strike

The secretary-general also asked lecturers to escalate the strike on Monday until their terms are met.

“They will not table their counter-proposal until they amend it to suit vice chancellors instead of workers which we will not allow.” the union said.

“Let it be known that as long as we don’t get the counter proposal the strike continues.” The union vowed.

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