A hot track reminding Kenyans we’re one, tribe and politics shouldn’t come between us. Released days after the election on August 15, 2017.

This song is to celebrate the people and places of this country. This song is to show that we see indeed one tribe united under our flying flag. We are one people who are bound by our love and passion. Kenya ni Mimi na Wewe.

On Facebook, Alisha Popat wrote “It is a dedication from a whole bunch of artists to OUR incredible Country and countrymen. We have a long way to go as a nation politically but it is so important to look at the incredible beauty we have and get to experience every day!”

“This is one of my favourite collaborations because this is a song created by many individuals about our culminating love for our Country,” Alisha added on her YouTube Channel.

Featured in the track Alisha PapotRoutes Kenya, Elvis Who, Vix and Made in Kibera, produced by So Fresh.

“Despite the current political pressure and difficulties, this song reminds us of the love that we share among our ethnic diversity and natural beauty of our Beloved country Kenya !!”


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