Hip-hip artists are trying as much as possible to turn their clashes with fellow artists into positivity. Whoever emerges as a winner always capitalizes from it either by releasing more records which are related to the beef or creating a product out of the beef. They tend to use the engineers’ and software developers’ technique of Release Early, Release Often (R.E.R.O). How did the hip-hop industry grow at that faster rate, even exceeding the Amazon’s average growth rate? What are the underlying and hidden secrets behind the fast growth rate of hip-hop industry?

  • Be dangerous, keen, and influential. Hip-hop artists who often win the battles are enthusiastic about their work. They believe that they are the best MCs regardless of what their opponents might be saying. They are always ready to commit a crime if that is the only way they can survive with (which is not always the best thing to do). While spitting bad words to an opponent, you have to be keen because you don’t know what the opponent is planning to do. Lastly, to win a battle you must convince the audience that you are the best. Influential artists find it easy to convince the audience.
  • Work hard. Compiling a good record requires a lot of hard work. Searching for the rhyming words that communicate a message in the simplest way is never easy for an artist. Artists usually have sleepless nights thinking about the rhymes. Sometimes, the producers become very strict and “serious”, which even makes their work extra hard. The producer commanding the artist to repeat a certain verse several times might become boring for the artist. But the artists have to cope up with the situation if they really want to be club and street “bangers” for the longest time. And for the sake of your record to hit the top of the Billboard 100, you have to struggle.
  • Have fun doing what you love. When artists attend shows, they convince the audience to love their work by themselves first showing the love and passion for their work. For this to happen successfully, the artists sing their songs with lots of energy and hype for the audience to emulate them. No artist goes for a show and starts talking how his/her producer was very strict in the studio during the recording sessions. Artists go to their audience with one agenda: make their fans happy.


  • Diversity. Group of artists who sing together, for example, Migos and N.W.A have/had people with different personalities. Some people give rap verses while others, chorus. This brings in the aspect of diversity within the group. And people tend to like diversity in whichever thing they interact with.
  • No giving up in the game of rap. Even after losing a battle, artists never give up with their career of rap, instead, they learn from it and become better in the future in case of similar battle occurs. This should also apply to our real-life situations. Failing to achieve something in life should not be a proof that you are a “natural” loser instead, you need to view it as an opportunity to grow and learn a new skill. Also, when an artist loses a battle most of the time, they never blame someone nor do they complain about it. They “accept” the results and move on.

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