A lot has occurred in the three years after the last general election. Hands have been shook, jobs have been handed out and everyone is smiling. There is “peace” in our country again. I say again because if you are from the ghetto then you know that election time is the worst! I honestly still cannot get over the gunshots and I am constantly worried that come next election the same will happen. Because let’s face it, it has happened before, take a look at the 2007 violence and what, eleven years down the line but here we are still going at it.

Let me give you a sneak peek of what happens, there’s usually unrest, guys are always on rooftops screaming and chanting (which messes your mind completely by the way), the vibandas are heard being smashed to the ground, bullets are heard blaring all around and in the night! Lights go out! People are heard screaming and shouting outside again, constantly none stop and this is alternated with the constant gunshots and all you can do is hope they do not budge in at yours.

We are held up in our houses for three days straight. Neighbours who have spent years together all over sudden are afraid of each other. What if they decide to sell me out?? Or what if they decide to turn on me too?? Absurd right? People who we’ve shared a life together, basically, because if you are from the ghetto you know how it is, neighbours kids are always at yours watching SpongeBob, she cooks chapatti and brings you two, sometimes you lend them your hanging lines and your always leaving your keys at mama nani’s shop for your kid. This friendship turns sour in three days and all hell breaks loose.

I am thankful though for the current events in our political spectrum. We are getting to see our politicians, our so-called leaders for who they are and what they stand for. Mine is to hope that we remember what it was like.
How many lost their lives and for what?? For what guys?? As of where we are now, What will make you wake up and run to town to fight the police?? What will make you run out and destroy someone’s kibanda or burn down a lorry that delivers bread to your estate every other day? Why do we let ourselves forget who we are as a community and let leaders who barely care about us ruin everything we have worked so hard for.

Now that chaos and demonstrations were held countless times early this year, what has changed?? We are still struggling with the same old stuff. No jobs for the youth, corruption is still a menace, matatu fares are hiked, we are barely getting by to cover our basic daily needs, I mean some of these big economic milestones are never felt by the common mwananchi. But yet! We risk our lives blindly for these people who have proved a number of times that we are not their number ones!

We need to be our own people! Let us not get carried away by these lies that we are told every five years. How soon do we forget?? Why are we allowing our lives and those of our children be to be taken for granted?? I don’t know about you guys but I am tired! Think about it and think about it hard. The next election is not far off. All I can do is hope that we are taking note of the current happenings in our country. Do you see it?? Is it worth losing a life or breaking a leg for??

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s take a hard look at where we’ve been as a country. Let not our dark days be forgotten. We have been through too much, too much and enough is enough. Be awake, be alert, the time when we are lied to and turn against one another is just around the corner. They come and go but we remain, always! Always!


  • Posted December 13, 2018 12:28 pm 0Likes
    Patricia Wanjiku

    This is so true, sadly unemployment will pull our young men to menacing acts because they will be enticed with a few thousands and they will gladly carry out the violence again. We need to stay woke, educate the youth and give them something to do.

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