Currently, the rate of unemployment in Kenya is on the rise. Many Kenyans have all required qualifications, are ready and willing to work but no jobs. As a graduate, for you to sail through this you require  fresh and smart mindset in order  to secure a better paying job. Here with me, I have compiled some of the major ways to sort you out and make you stand out among the crowds.

Job search websites

browsing on website

Currently, especially this era whereby technology is on the rise, many websites have been set up where jobs are posted on daily basis. There are several job websites in Kenya common ones being:

A website like requires one to submit their curriculum vitae on the portal then wait to be conducted via email by a prospective employer whose demands tally with the ones on your curriculum vitae.

Some job portals also have an option to subscribe where you are notified via email about job openings. You can subscribe for alerts about jobs falling in your line of profession.

Job searching using websites is a commonly used way of looking for jobs instead of traveling and knocking people’s offices to inquire for vacancies.

Nowadays, use of mobile phones has even made it easier for one to browse and look for vacancies in various parts of the world. The major advantage of mobile phones is that, they don’t require any kind of rocket science to operate it; they are furthermore portable and easy to use.

Once one has browsed for jobs on the internet by use of may be a computer or a mobile phone, he/she can apply for the jobs via the same channel. He/she can also keep on refreshing their mailboxes to see whether their prospective bosses have called them for interviews.

Therefore make use of that Smartphone you have to do job searches on the web; they are plenty there.

 Read Newspapers

We are all aware of the advertisements in the Kenyan local dailies like The Standard, Daily Nation, The Nairobian and even The People’s Daily about job openings from various companies. As a fresh graduate, follow those advertisements and apply for those ones which you think you qualify.  Who knows?  Many people have landed on jobs after walking through the same gate.

Hitting the tarmac

Despite the fact that there are several avenues for job searching in Kenya, the law of survival states that you also have to tarmac. Here is where, you just have to be smartly dressed, mind your language, do a good hair make up (for ladies) because you are approaching your prospective employers physically. They can quickly get a snippet of your behavior and judge you from the way you carry yourself and decide on whether to offer you a job or not.

Don’t give up knocking people’s offices and dropping your papers. Back in time when our grandmothers and granddads were looking for jobs, there were neither computers nor smart phones; they used to tarmac and luckily enough, some of them landed to better jobs. You are not an exception. Be committed, wait… try majority of the avenues and I m so optimistic and double sure that you will definitely land to the job of your dream.

Attending Job conferences in Kenya and volunteering

Several job conferences are held annually where various industry leaders are invited to speak to various graduates and offer then tips on finding jobs and being self employed. These conferences are very important for recent graduates; never miss to attend them as they give important tips that may make you land to a job of your dream.

Also offer to volunteer as a worker in various companies in Kenya where they advertise. This will build your CV and give you a plus when you attend subsequent interviews. The bosses you work with as a volunteer may also look at your performance and thick twice.

Think of self employment

Dear my brother or sister I’m telling you this for free that being self employed is the sweetest thing ever. You don’t work under pressure to meet someone senior’s deadlines. You actually work at your own pace. This means that in case you increase production, it benefits you fully. Again, I personally take self employment as the better paying job ever depending on how you work hard and increase your production threshold.

Article  also published on Campus Sasa Magazine

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