Raila Odinga’s chameleonic manoeuvres make him the most shrewd politician than any living creature today. However, with the emerging dynamics, it is becoming more of a burden than a boon to him. The old lad finds himself fixed between a rock and a hard place.

Raila Odinga has exhausted every available tribal outfit for his ascension to the presidency. His cards in the political casino prove unfavourable.

The son of Odinga entered the handshake at his weakest moment politically. The marriage leaves Raila with extremely narrow options worth exploring. The BBI referendum rhetoric is an echo of a lonely man left in despair in the political theatre hall.

Keeping the eye close to 2022, is there a high likelihood of a possible fallout between Raila and the newfound friends? Is the king out to make a kill only for the vultures to snatch the prey fresh? Will Jakom’s bully tactics work for him this time round in the new outfit? Mtu anatumika hapa ama? Only time can tell……………….》》》PART B

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