I’m convinced beyond any reproach that Governor Waititu, based on his much-publicised remarks on the ongoing demolition of the illegal buildings, is a philosopher whose ideology of how to handle the matter must be falsified and the veracity inherent in it, taken seriously.

To understand this line of reasoning, a little explanation as to who a philosopher is is necessary.

A philosopher in a simple analogy, is anyone, formally or informally learned who’s in pursuit of the highest truth and possible solutions to life’s problems.

If the great philosophers in the history of mankind – the likes of Aristophanes, Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, were to make a determination as to whether or not, Waititu’s proposition qualifies to be philosophical, they would all marry his concept.

Socrates, for instance, would confirm to you that the reasons which compelled the authorities to arraign him for trial, was because of his philosophical views which some held in contempt and in abhorrence.

The Punjab graduate is a man who’s keen on finding a sufficing solution to what appears to be a concern to many victims. And he posits that there is a possibility of diverting the course of the river in order to avoid the dangers which come by the vandalism of already constructed structures.

In other words, Waititu is a logician who allows logic to reign supreme in tackling life’s problems. Imagine this scenario:- an orphanage which houses thousands of little orphans who have no any other place to live in is constructed along an artificial river.

Ethically, would it evince to destroy this home or divert the course of the river, bearing in mind of the outcome?

Does it also beat logic that before the orphanage in question was erected, clear-cut procedures and legal framework were adhered to?

Lastly, when the Wright Brothers of the US conceived the idea of building aeroplanes, many did not believe in them, in fact, they were vilified as those who wanted to cause massive deaths through such inventions.

However, the idea has made the world a global village today! I’m not asserting that the governor is right in his thinking because it’s mine not to judge. I’m simply giving an avenue for our thinking together in getting the best solution. This is why I’m tempted to refer to him as a philosopher. Think about this.

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