It is just two days after the Education Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohammed declared that the Higher Learning Education Board will use law enforcement agencies to track down those holding jobs and are reluctant to honour their debt.  Kenyans caused and are continuing to cause an uproar in social media and even in public places on how this decision, is a bad idea.

Through a press release, HELB has now claimed that CS Amina was taken out of context that all 74 000 defaulters will be followed and arrested if they don’t pay their loan but only those holding jobs. The board continues to state that this move is to ensure compliance and integrity among the debtors so as to ensure that there are funds for future applicants. Default in loan repayment is a criminal offence according to HELB act and that’s why they will be forced to use officers of the law. HELB goes on to state that they can listen and debtors can go talk to them on a minimum reasonable paying rate.

It has always been an expectation from the board that students should pay their loans after graduating and getting a job but it has not been the case. It is evident that most unemployed Kenyan graduates are struggling to feed and even pay rent since there are no jobs. The state of the Kenyan economy and the rising rates of corruption have made the situation even harder.

Most Kenyans took to social media to share their woes and oppose Amina’s decision saying that they should be allowed to pay when they are ready. It has not been all negative though, as some are encouraging HELB to go ahead as loans taken should eventually be paid.

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