Author: Janet Muthoni

All free to air radio and TV stations with an inclusion of clubs and other entertainment joints in Kenya are from today not allowed to play the song ‘Takataka’. This follows after Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua banned the song and summoned Alvin aka Alvindo to appear before the board within two weeks. […]

By Jessica Nanjendo Pharmacy students at the United States International University took to the streets of Nairobi on Thursday, 28th March to demonstrate against the university’s poor management of the program among other grievances. Following those demonstrations, Vice Chancellor Paul Zeleza held a meeting between students and faculty on Saturday, 30th   in a bid to […]

It comes a time when students can go just so far that it becomes too much to handle. Kibabii university students got to learn the hard way when the university senate decided enough was just more than enough and decided to close the school indefinitely. This was after students went on a rampage and destroyed […]

It is just two days after the Education Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohammed declared that the Higher Learning Education Board will use law enforcement agencies to track down those holding jobs and are reluctant to honour their debt.  Kenyans caused and are continuing to cause an uproar in social media and even in public places on […]

Technical University of Kenya students’ are set to go to the ballot box once again this year to vote for their next preferred student leaders.  The process will take place tomorrow the 14th February just one year since the last election. Even in wait for the election process the incidences of last year may still […]

If you are attached to creativity and art, then you are probably attracted to the world of entertainment. 2018 had our eyes glued to the screens and seats in the theatres as we fed our imagination to some awesome 2018 movies. You must have come across some and even missed some, but here are some […]

If you have not come across the series La Casa de Papel the famous ‘Money Heist’, then you need to look for it now. Your movie guy should have mentioned it to you but if you live for Netflix then there is no way you should have missed it. Money Heist is a captivating story […]

The job market is a competitive one; especially in the days, we live in where almost everyone has papers. Employees will even make it harder by requiring you to have more than five years of experience and graduates are always left wondering how good their chances are. Not everyone is lucky to get an entry […]

Technology has had a great effect on our lives and the positives are usually seen to outweigh the negatives. Just recently a Technical University of Kenya student, Henry Onyango, invented an App that tells you when your gas tank is running out. Great idea, right? It is through such inventions that people – the likes […]

Kwese iflix just launched the newest movie series in Kenya. I had an opportunity to attend the launch at club sands and am pleased to inform all film lovers that ‘Nganya’ is finally out.  I know am always giving you updates and reviews on western films but Nganya is all Kenyan made. For those not […]

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