Juliani “Lord Forgive Me” vs Khaligraph, Octopizzo & King Kaka

Started back in 2015, when Juliani said he was the best among King Kaka, Khaligraph and Octopizzo. The three were in the same picture, and Juliani tweeted saying “The only one with more bars than the three combined is me!!”

This tweet led to a stretch of other tweets with the four arguing that they’re the best. This went on for a couple of hours until Khaligraph Jones released the first diss track that was meant to literally silence other wannabe kings in their imaginary kingdom.

Juliani didn’t take this lightly, he released Lord Forgive Me which he really hammered on Khali. From him doing remixes and refixes of songs already done by other artistes to him always relying on music alone to pay his bills while Juliani has other hustles other than music that helps him sustain his lifestyle and also went really deep to the extent to say that the mentioned artistes only got shows because the promoters didn’t have the money to afford Juliani. Surprisingly, Octo was not mentioned in this diss track!

This is a diss track that I have never heard comeback or response from, it has been 5 years now! Octopizzo said he only does things for money “I can’t put up with the shenanigans of battling over who is King of hip hop in the country if there is not going to be a payday for me because I don’t eat or feed on hype whatsoever.” So we didn’t expect him to respond, this left Rabbit King Kaka & Papa Jones.

Kaka weighed in with Kionjo which seemed to be a response to end the then conversation #WhoIsKing.

Kleptomaniax “Tuendelee” vs other rappers

One of the best tracks ever released in the Kenyan music industry, Tuendelee has literally refused to die. This diss track which alleged to be a response to the likes of Bamboo and Chiwawa who at the time had largely criticized commercial Kapuka. Klepto went all guns blazing on the rappers, their witty and castigating rhymes were so easily delivered that the track can be passed on as an RnB song as well. 

Chiwawa did respond to Tuendelee with his diss track “Tunaendelea”  Chiwawa went out guns all blazing, armed with ferocious punch lines for Kleptomaniac’s neck. The track became the talk of the town and one of the most memorable diss tracks of all times.  ‘Difference zenyu na spice girls ni ngotha zenyu za corduroy.’ A response has never been heard, or at least as far as my research got me. 

Khaligraph Jones vs Octopizzo

The beef between these two hip-hop heads can be compared to the cold war between the USA & Russia (or China), it seems to be there and not there at the same time, we hate to have them beef and love them to keep beefing, we want to see a collabo and the same time we don’t want them to collabo.

On Cleaning the Airwaves, Khaligraph shares the beginning of the beef, and since Wapi the two seem not to be seeing eye-to-eye, even their fans never see eye-to-eye either, and in more mature arguments, the discussions are always settled at “Octopizzo ako na wordplay kali but Khali ako na flow.” Who is your guy between these two rappers?

Khaligraph took it to a whole new level with his track I run 254 calling Octo “Illuminati wannabe” “Pesa zako unapewa na kamzungu”

Octopizzo appeared on HBR and responded to the then most awaited reply, he did Paul Tergat reassuring the country that he was in charge, “hii ni marathon.”

Khali didn’t take the reply lightly he appeared on the same show with DJ Finalkut and what he says came to prove why he is the best rapper in Africa.

A response to this has not been made official, and we will leave it at that as well.

Njeri “Conoka, Femiplan” vs Femi One

The beef took everybody by surprise as nobody expected a reply would come from Femi One. This beef started with Njeri’s track No King responding to Khali, Juliani, Octo & King Kaka and dragging Femi along as collateral damage by mocking her for the Brikicho single that she said failed to become a hit. 

Femi One hit back at Njeri with the song Pilau Njeri which starts with a short video of Njeri giving a shout out to artists who have inspired her including Femi. She then moves on to mock Njeri on her Kikuyu accent, and “silly” rhymes, calling her songs trash music.

Njeri was quick to reply with Femiplan firing at Femi with Conoka a Kikuyu word meaning Shame on you.

Femiplan by Njeri

Blaqbonez “Green Blaq Green” vs Khaligraph Jones

This I will not talk about it because I am Kenyan on Campus Radio Kenya, Khaligraph took his lyrical prowess continental with his diss track best rapper in Nigeria.

Blaqbonez couldn’t be silent about it, a few hours later Green Blaq Green premiered on YouTube

As I said, we will leave it at that; comment.

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