Like Kenya’s biggest telco’s slogan goes “When we come together, great things happen.” We’ve seen amazing rappers coming together to dominate the airwaves with lyrics laser-sharp to the ears. In this article, I will highlight the top rap groups that made it to our music scenes.


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Having debuted in the hip hop industry in the early 2000’s the Ogopa crew became a force to be reckoned with after they clapped back to a diss in which they were mentioned by another rap group which accused them of not being a rap group but a pop group they replied immediately and the song is a classic, they went to release hits which never seem to fade out, the group was made up legends who to this day are kings Nyashinski, Collo and Roba. 

Camp Mulla

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They became the first Kenyan artist and hip hop group to secure a BET hip hop nomination in 2013 facing off with other heavyweights in Africa. Despite not winning they had put Kenya on the map and went on to do tours all over Africa, despite them being in the game for less than three years they had woken up a sleepy Kenyan hip hop community with their rare fetes. From winning every local award they were nominated having national tunes with world-class videos which made their music to debut on platforms like MTV, BET and Trace music, however, they disbanded in 2014 and fans are hopeful of a reunion.

Ukoo Flani Mau Mau

Most refer to it as the best hardcore rap group to come out of Kenya the Dandora based super rap group was made up of talented rappers who left nothing at the chance with their raps whether it’s addressing the problems in the ghettos and castigating the government for neglecting the youth and police brutality they address their issues in rap which caught the attention of the nation for most of this problems were faced allover, the went to shoot videos outside the country a rare fete at the time, however lack of support and funds made the group Diss integrate but their impact to this day is still felt.


Also, another hardcore hip hop group in Kenya they spared no time to show off their hardcore and smart raps in their songs they were also known as K-shaka were a force to be reckoned with. Made up of Johny Vigetti and Kitu Sewer most of the present legends have mentioned them as their influence. Nobody could handle their hard encore style and all their songs are classics however lack of funds lead to their ultimate fall their songs are widely praised by fans and critiques alike.


Most recognise the group as being more underground but they have slowly come out of the shadow also known as Rong Rende, they encompass all styles of hip hop to overcome from Kenya and abroad alike, from Kapuka to Trap and Drill music they are a super talented group and the fastest rising Rap group in Kenya at the moment securing number ones in local charts they have a loyal fan base and a  huge following and their songs easily clock more than five hundred views a testament that they’re coming out of their  Underground/underrated imagery.

Hey, what do you think of the list? Drop your comment, go ahead let me know which group is missing from the list, and tell us why.

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