It’s just last Friday that some of the aspirants got nomination tickets for campaigning towards the upcoming elections. It may seem like a smooth ride but no; it’s another procedural affair that at times creates a vacuum of anxiety and tension amongst those aspiring.

Before being nominated with a commission that comprises of about 14 persons which cater for: students, lectures, administration, and religious leaders from all religious sects within the University. It’s mandated that one can only be nominated after a collection of 150 signatures from the students within their school without which it’s a clear disqualifier.

However, the commission has also set regulations and indicators of clearing a well deserving aspirant. They mainly look at the following:

  1. GPA of above 5 that’s C and above
  2. School fee completing
  3. Online course registration
  4. Student conduct and behaviour.

These are well-stipulated methods to ensure that those vying for student leadership are responsible and can be trusted on safeguarding students’ affairs and relations with the University democratically.

On the Friday of 28th September, the process was on clearance and releasing the names of those who’ve qualified then on 29th Saturday of the same month the final list was out.

Surprisingly, some coalition had a hard time because either one or two of their members were not nominated. But the commission provides space for appeals especially for those aspirants who felt the results were biased.

We’ve seen appeals work in the Republic even for topmost political seats like the Presidency so it’s democratic enough to allow the aspirant to get another chance if they are deserving.  

An instance of a coalition that consists of 7 members and perhaps one does not meet the criteria hence not nominated, they had to appeal and find another suitable candidate to contest. The appeal session was only valid till 12 noon 2nd of October and by 3rd October the final list will be out with names of those viable to campaign and “kuuza Sera” before the election due day.

Talking to Aisha on a phone call one of the aspirants lucky enough to be nominated, she expressed her joy and zeal to campaign towards being elected the student leader for persons with disability and special need because of her passion and commitment for the community and the vision of being the voice of change towards people with special needs.

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