It is another electioneering period in Kenyatta University and currently, the institution is a beehive of activities with aspirants running up and down campaigning while those whose nominations were not approved or had been quashed, making petitions to the University’s electoral commission.

This is the second election Kenyatta University is conducting after the enaction of the “Duale Bill” on students governorship in institutions of higher learning.

‘Duale Bill” has been criticized far and wide for its easy manipulation or influence of the Universities administrations’ to determine the outcome of an election, for instance, in UoN some students have blamed the University administration for having gotten involved in the election.
Kenyatta University is no exception.

As early as it seems, the University administration has been accused of unfairly disqualifying some students from vying for different positions, more so those in the executive positions.

Those disqualified are deemed to be controversial having stood up against the administration in support of the students on various issues or matters.

This time around, the election has attracted three coalitions, namely: The Egalitarians headed by its chairman Lovemon Dennis Odhiambo, The United for Comrades Front coalition, headed by its chairlady Nice Muthoni and The People’s Alliance Coalition headed by one Joshua Ayika.

However, it is important to note that Lovemon had been disqualified, for allegedly having been a student leader before and also having once been served with a warning letter. However, students seem to have seen or realized malice in this as they claim Nice Muthoni who has been cleared had also been a student leader before and having been served with a warning letter as well.

Students are now raising questions in the manner in which the clearance was done.

Some students have been heard saying that Nice Muthoni is the administration’s favourite while Lovemon is known to be pro-students and thus the reason for his disqualification.

The elections are expected to commence by 10th of this month

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