Finally, a dawn of new leadership in the institution was revealed yesterday on 17th October 2018 born of hefty campaigns with the final results of the newly elected leadership being announced at 3 am the next day, 18th October 2018. Just like a normal and typical Kenya election period, nothing was different in the in school elections. The trail of leadership and campaign styles is a competitive journey rather an inheritance from the topmost national leadership streaming down even to the university election.

The democratic bit and aspect of it bring in public involvement and participation in the overall electioneering process. This time they used the system as a survey tool to analyze and predict the elections progress and eventual outcome. The poll indicated the list of coalitions and the candidates’ names and how popular they were amongst the students. It has had the percentage icon and relayed results in real-time to show how fast the contestants were getting votes from the fellow comrades.

The campaign took all possible means and forms. It was like a hunger game with the only difference being that it was vote hunting. The coalitions used different social media platforms mainly WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups to lobby for followers and votes to ensure they win. But wasn’t as clean as we might all assume there’s no single election even the primary school class representative elections that would miss opponents throwing tantrums at each other typical of even supporters. But what’s an election without some competition and civilized rivalry?  

They also maximized on the art of staged campaigns and colourful parades all around the institution with supporters chanting and praising their preferred candidate. Carrying posters, flyers to distribute all-round the school as they uniformly sang out the coalition’s agenda “sera”. A door to door campaigns and even in class announcements. When you want something you go for it and the game of politics has never been different hence it’s how smart and diligent are you?

The team that took home the student council leadership were known as the Priority Action Comrade (PAC) with their agenda being: Real-time change. A coalition with a total of 7 candidates. From the onset, they had interest in comradeship at heart. Created a good rapport from the onset with delegates and the congress selling their manifestos. The coalition members include;

  1. Joshua Ayika  Chair
  2. Lilian Mwangi – Vice Chair
  3. Aisha Said – Gender and Special needs Secretary
  4. Abdiaziz Boru – Finance Secretary
  5. Fred Changulo – Secretary-General
  6. Polycarp Gichana – Organizing Secretary
  7. RoseChepkorir – Academic Secretary

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