The King Kaka Empire CEO, King Kaka releases a new single which acts to unify Kenyans during this emblematic time in Kenya, caused by political tensions regarding the repeat election for the presidential post. He talks about the need for youths to speak against election irregularities; politicians misusing the Kenyan money for their own personal needs. He also talks about people who use the name of talking about their rights while looting other people’s properties, police killing innocent young people in the streets.

He talks about some of the people who gave out their best to make sure that Kenya is a free state. In this context, he talked about Bildard Kagia. He brings the art of unification when he reminds the youths to love each other irrespective of their tribes.

Some of the lyrics;

Hii ndio independence tulipigania?
They must be turning in their graves Akina Bildad kaggia 
Time dollar imefika mia 
Na Tv radio zimekuwa kimywa
Si mfunge stations 
Wameiba wako vacation
What’s the irony Sisi ndio tunasota
Kawaida mwananchi works anakosa
Wasanii Hakuna concerts
Ni wapi Kenya Tulikosa

Also, he also reminds the youths to practice their right of election.

Listen to his single here.


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