Do you think being successful is always hard? probably no!. The first question you should know is your definition of success. One main reason why many people always never achieve success is that they don’t know their own definition of success. Don’t open a dictionary looking for the definition of success! all you need to do is take 10 minutes of your time in a quiet place and ask yourself where you want to see yourself in the next five years, after the question, brainstorm as many ideas as possible on some of the things that you need to do to achieve your goals. Practising this help you to understand yourself better.

To be successful, never complain. Complaining over issues always drag you behind. Instead of complaining, own the problem and start asking yourself what you should have done to achieve the task. Try, try, try until you get it right. When you complain to your mates and yourself, you convince your brain to do the same mistake again. And since your brain is so clever and complex, it will never have a room for improvement because there is already an answer that it will provide for any failure in your life, and the answer is complaining, thinking, that is the right thing.

Learn from normal objects around you. Be a keen observer. Look at how other animals live, look at how different objects operate. After observing try to interpret the results and relate to the life of a human being. You will always improve on how you view things, you will be a 3D thinker. Another great thing about being a keen observer is that you will always be full of ideas for solving problems. When you try to find ways of solving these problems, you will find yourself being the founder of a great company one day. Remember entrepreneurship is all about solving a problem to the society. How are you going to solve a problem that you don’t observe/see?

Always be ready to receive feedbacks from different people. It is only through feedbacks that you are going to improve on your staffs. Receiving ideas from different people help you find new insights. Even if you think that a certain feedback is not in-line with your business, don’t tell the feedback giver in the face, just know it in your heart. Don’t forget to thank the feedback giver, because you are going to use his/her idea for free.

Be notorious and influential. When I say notorious, I mean don’t be easily shaken. stand firm and stick with your idea because it is only you who know how your thing is gonna work and solve your problem. Other people are allowed to give you feedback but not to tell you that your idea cannot work, who the shit are they to say that?. Select only the constructive and positive feedbacks and leave the negative feedbacks. Being influential is being able to be noticed for good. Be a person of the people, show love to other people, joke with your buddies at good times.

Think like a child, be simple and “stupid”. Never be afraid of asking silly questions, providing silly answers. The so called “silly” questions and answers are always the best. Having a child perspective help you find new ways of tackling a problem and easier ways of getting noticed. Children are always open to new things and that’s what the current world want, more skills and innovation. Remember biggest companies started as simple ideas. Facebook, Microsoft, Homeboyz Entertainment, Kaka Empire and many more companies started as a simple thing, why do you think your idea is silly?.

Play chess. This is one of the best games when it comes to mental activities. It activates your brain. If you don’t know how to play chess, please know how to play it. It also helps people to make good decisions due to its critical techniques.

Lastly, make mistakes more often. Yeah, that’s right!. Making mistakes and learning from them is the best thing to do when you want to improve your daily life. As it is said, Experience is the best teacher, making mistakes provide you with a chance to have an experience. BUT don’t just make mistakes for the sake of making mistakes, make sure that you learn out of your mistakes.

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