Last weekend in his hometown of Chicago, Chance The Rapper held a great show. The 2017 BET Best Artist winner got congratulations from former US President Obama during his show. During the show, he brought some of the hip hop superstars on stage. The superstars included ‘Mask Off’ banger, Future and Jeremih. Future performed his single ‘Mask Off’ with lots of energy. Only a few artists can do what Chance did, bringing two more established names than him on stage.

The best moment of the concert was when a video footage of Barrack Obama was playing on the concert screen. Obama congratulated Chance for setting a good role model to the Chicago people. Earlier the same week, it is reportedly claimed that Chance The Rapper donated 30,000 backpacks of school equipment to the Chicago area students. The donation was in conjunction with his charity group for empowering the youths, SocialWorks.

This should be a great inspiration to Kenyan and African artists, it is not about them banging every week, it is about what they are doing to transform a generation, who they are inspiring. Reputation matters, and because of that Chance was humbled by Obama’s remarks on his career and life. Kenyan and African artists should do greater things to get reputations from the whole world. Other than just rapping, Chance runs a charity group. I really think that this should be an eye opener to our local artists. Watch Obama’s remarks on Chance The Rapper below. Peace.

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