If you have not come across the series La Casa de Papel the famous ‘Money Heist’, then you need to look for it now. Your movie guy should have mentioned it to you but if you live for Netflix then there is no way you should have missed it.

Money Heist is a captivating story about a criminal mastermind the Professor, with a plan of pulling off the biggest heist ever recorded which involves printing billions of euros in the royal mint of Spain. To carry out the plan, he recruits eight other individuals with different abilities and certainly nothing to lose. For a period of six months, they all live in an abandoned house away from everybody else as the professor takes them through his plan.

To keep it as casual as possible they all take up names from cities, that is Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Denver, Rio, Oslo, Helsinki and Nairobi. When they finally get in the mint, they take several people as hostages who would help steal time from the authorities and implement their plan.

Money heist is the kind of show that after watching one episode you are just concerned on ‘what next?’ because there is a plan for every move made by the authorities and error that may occur.it is also the kind of story that you love the antagonists, in this case you probably don’t want the thieves to be caught.

This creation by Alex Pina also covers issues of love, betrayal and to some extent greed. With two seasons already out, this Netflix series which we all thought had come to a happy ending has been renewed and season three will be out in 2019. I cannot stop imagining what the twist will be. This is probably the biggest crime drama I have ever watched. In case you feel otherwise do leave a comment on a different series/movie.

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