SafeBoda unveils new pricing for customers to get around Nairobi for as low as 60 bob. Commuters in Nairobi typically spend up to five hours a day, sometimes even more, in traffic crippling productivity and the quality of life. SafeBoda provides a way to let the city of Nairobi thrive. 

Recent research confirms that everyday commuting in Nairobi and its environs has people losing at least 4-5 hours spent in traffic every day. This is only getting worse with increasing populations in and around Nairobi. The loss in productivity to the lives of Nairobians to make money and provide for their families is huge. Think of all the things (and there are many) that one could do if they had the freedom to move whenever they wanted, safely, conveniently and more importantly, now very affordably. With prices slashed by over 40%, you can now get around Nairobi with SafeBoda for as little as 60 bob!! 

How this works and why SafeBoda is the absolute must-have App in Nairobi 

  • SafeBoda Riders are qualified drivers, possess the requisite motor insurance covering passengers and their cargo, and are trained on road safety 
  • You get a clean helmet AND a fresh hairnet 
  • You also get a bright orange reflective vest – to ensure other road users can see you 
  • Very affordable – rides as low as 60 bob! 

All these factors are for Nairobi’s commuters convenience and safety – really a different kettle of fish from your regular commute. No more traffic woes, getting late, lost time in traffic… just productivity and more money in your pocket. The SafeBoda app can be downloaded to get more done for less! Here we go -> SafeBoda – Life, at the tap of a button! 

With a community of over 3,000 drivers in Nairobi alone, SafeBoda is beginning to revolutionize the boda boda industry in Kenya for the better. Its focus on building safety and customer service standards in the community has been key. SafeBoda ensures that all drivers partnering with it are trained and fully equipped to be able to safely cater to the growing commute and logistics equation in Nairobi. Road safety is core to SafeBoda. For SafeBoda to confidently reassure customers that their drivers will take care of them, we ensure all SafeBoda drivers receive: 

  • Insurance & medical cover 
  • Customised reflectors 
  • 2 very high-quality helmets each with a unique number for easy follow up 
  • Free eye testing 
  • Free mechanical support 
  • First aid & realtime driver support 
  • Phone & motorbike loans 

In Kenya, SafeBoda has worked with great partners such as Watu Credit, Turaco, Allianz, and D.Light and others to offer the growing community a number of welfare-enhancing products. 

Founded in 2015 in Kampala, Uganda to bring innovation, safety and community to the rapidly growing motorcycle taxi industry in Africa, SafeBoda has easily become one of the fastest-growing communities in East Africa serving over 300,000 plus customers every month in Kenya and Uganda. SafeBoda’s focus is to support its wider community in Uganda and Kenya to thrive by providing other services for drivers and consumers such as parcel delivery, errands, food delivery, financial services and payments. 

One of the three co-founders, Ricky Rapa Thompson was a former boda boda driver who wanted to change the industry for the better, improving road safety and enabling boda drivers to be respected in their community. His inspirational story and understanding of the boda boda community that been a key driving force in SafeBoda’s success. Ricky has been a recipient of many awards including “Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa 2018”, a World Youth Forum Award in Egypt and Young Achievers Award in Uganda. 

Based in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, SafeBoda is already having a huge impact on millions in East Africa. SafeBoda’s partners include Allianz-X, Go-Ventures, Transsion and the Shell Foundation, among others. SafeBoda is currently hiring for a number of exciting positions in Kampala and Nairobi, please check our website at

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