Kwese iflix just launched the newest movie series in Kenya. I had an opportunity to attend the launch at club sands and am pleased to inform all film lovers that ‘Nganya’ is finally out.  I know am always giving you updates and reviews on western films but Nganya is all Kenyan made.

For those not conversant with Kenyan slang, ‘Nganya’ means matatu. Now if you do not know what matatu means then the easiest way is ask someone about the Kenyan public transportation which just recently led to people walking to work.  Maybe they will even give you a short story of how they paid a thousand bob for fare and the conductor pretended to forget about giving back the change. Am sure you will also hear how highly mathematical Kenyan conductors are.

Many stories are told about all the stereotypes that Kenyans are made up, be it watchmen; think of ‘Papa Shirandura’, doctors like ‘Daktari’, cultural differences like ‘Varshita’, I could go on with the list but what have you heard about the matatu industry? The story of Nganya is probably one that most of us have experienced as it is how we mostly get from place to place. But its more than that, it is a story that shows that the drivers and conductors also have lives outside their work.

Produced by a leading Kenyan production, Assignments Studios, Nganya is Kenyan crime drama based on issues such as prostitution, deception, love and crime. It is about the life of Gathee the driver and his conductor Jamoe and how they go about their daily life to provide for themselves and their families. Jamoe gets in serious trouble when he owes a lot of money to some bad people.

If you thought I was going to sit here and tell you all about Nganya and be the spoiler, am sorry it aint happening.  Get to watch season one of the series through your Android or Apple device through the Kwese iflix App.

Nganya is a creation of actress Nice Githinji with season one already out for you to watch. Among new faces, you will get to see some of the top actors and actresses that appear on our screens. It is an awesome Kenyan film with events that one can relate with. Season two is said to be launched early next year.

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