Owiti Owayo, commonly known as Daktari makes a political stride towards the national limelight. Months later after his failed UNSA bullet, the veteran comrade shifted his eagle eye to Rarieda parliamentary seat. Then moved to Lang’ata; reasons are best known to him and his close associates. Before the cock crows, his supporters are again in a political dilemma after his grand declaration that he would contest the Kibra by-election as an independent candidate.

Despite being seen as a close ally to the DP’s camp, Owiti seems to have realized slim chances of gathering a political matrix under Ruto’s umbrella. The self-declared doctor has also ditched Raila Odinga’s ODM in the primaries probably because of the suspicion that party nominations would not be credible & transparent. His continued announcements that he has been at dinner of the Orange house seems to have bounced back.

A move that would make a person of Owiti calibre to skip party sponsorship is an issue of concern in the current terrain of elective positions. But how could the “big fish” watch the nonviolence philosophy devotee have a smooth run in such a critical moment? This is the bare definition of the myth of time.

Therefore, Owiti Owayo’s political voyage faces a lot of controversy regarding his adopted style of orientation. His eloquence as an outstanding orator has since been scrapped by the instilled political mileage in the mind of a once human rights activist through nonviolent tactics.

The then forthright stage of calm and humility has moved past the dock to an arena of discomposure and worry.

The loyalists and advisors have become too rigid to critique their maestro even when the tsunami threatens the displayed grains on the sun.

If Owiti Owayo participates in Kibra by-election, he’ll obviously flop but could gain a very powerful vote block in the years to come.

If Owiti Owayo withdraws his latest announcement and moves to Lang’ata in 2022 to battle it out with the likes of Korir and Jalas, he will definitely fail but could make a very dear step in his political career.

If Owiti Owayo moves to Rarieda to give Otiende Amollo a run for his money, should the latter vie, then he would stand a good chance of winning in the succeeding elections (2027) because 2022 would just be but a debut…

Nothing is impossible anyway. You only fail when you stop trying. A surrender is never an option. Never allow someone to tell you that you are nobody. Most importantly, never give it up.

As I come to my conclusion now. Owiti Owayo will not be MP in the Kibra by-election, nor will he be in 2022. But one unstoppable thing is that he will be a parliamentarian in the near future, and not that alone. Even something bigger.

Guest post by Christian Bernard, a University of Nairobi student.

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