I find it necessary to write down what is happening in the political arena at this time because we clearly know that our politicians have selective amnesia. I am doing this so that when reading this you will look at this at whatever time and realize how they like using us as puppets and also lack a stand in their affairs.

So upon writing this article the handshake happened on 9th March 2018 and a series of political events have happened over time that will for sure change the dynamics of this country. First and foremost we should realize this is the first administration under the new constitution, keep that in mind as we move forward. The latest one being our Deputy President, Dkt. William Samoei Ruto, being prevented from leaving the country to go see the President of Uganda His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni who is also the party leader of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). As usual, we saw politicians take sides to the extent of having terrorism claims and Edwin Sifuna argued that DP being second in command he needs to notify the government when he plans. Which I think is a valid argument DP is a sensitive position and the holder shouldn’t be moving around without the knowledge of the government.

All this happened while President Uhuru Kenyatta was on a state visit. Upon arrival in the country, a few days later met up with all the ‘opposition leaders’ who during the President’s absence dissolved the NASA coalition. This was of course after the member parties had thrown words at each other via different media platforms and other forums.

The politicians are also using the by-elections as litmus tests for next year’s general election and UDA is seemingly passing the test. The recent Kiambaa by-election was a clear indication of Mr Njuguna Wanjiku winning. I heard someone say that we have stopped looking for progressive leaders but looking at the party making this is a ‘kati ya Man U na Arsenali Gani kali,’ kind of race. Like football players, our politicians are simply aligning with political parties that match their interests. As said on YellowTape instalment 20, Kenyans vote for parties and sadly tribal lines.

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Speaking of elections, the referee of the elections has started to cry foul that they do not have enough money to run the coming election. But let us focus on the recent capping proposed. The IEBC chairman Mr. Chebukati presented a cap on how much money will be used by those seeking a vote in the coming election. He presented this together with the budget he expects from the government and has since been cornered for underhanding the parliament with a report that was clearly written in 2016 and is now being presented to parliament just a year before the election. 

Just before the campaign kick-off, we are seeing that all civil servants have been asked to take a vaccination without doing so disciplinary action will be taken against them. Mass vaccination is also happening all over the country, just before the campaign I repeat. So in the next few months, we are about to get it from politicians in all ways and manners possible. Let it be clear that we are in a position whereby the father and mother of the house are fighting and we as kids have taken sides, tangatanga and Kieleweke we call ourselves. 

Rumour has it that we have been provided with a new surrogate mother in the name of interior Cabinet Secretary Mr. Matiang’i who has taken the task with ease. Situations such as the Deputy President being ousted from the government should be a thing of the past. Mind you this is the same couple that wore matching outfits during state press releases. One of them is seriously crying foul on National television while the other one is silent and not responding to any words being thrown at him. It’s a big shame seeing our dirty linens being aired out at this time of the pandemic. During all these scuffles within the country, Kenya has been flagged by countries such as the US giving their citizens warning on travelling to Kenya first due to the pandemic and second terrorism.  We are in a very dangerous state as a country but we are busy squabbling as a nation.

We are also hearing of one of the factions talking about the bottom-up economy, this is one of the strategies used by that faction. Strategies such as hustler nation and dynasty mentality have been thrown at us. Not a bad thing at all, but lest we not forget these are the same people who talked of building stadiums for the country. Where are the stadiums I ask, I do not know what they are telling you right now but if at the time you are reading this the bottom-up economy is still the narration in action then we have the leader that walks the talk.

One final fact I want to put on the table is that Kenya’s parent party, KANU, is awfully quiet but they are busy holding meetings. We know that Knowledge is power and a generation that does not know their past cannot shape their future. So you now know your past and make better decisions.

One more thing, I said that these politicians are aligning based on selfish interests. Remember, all these politicians were once in KANU; why did they leave chama cha mama, chama cha baba? Sometimes, this ease of forming parties makes me question multipartyism, I actually doubt that some of these politicians know the ideologies of the parties they’re members of – if the party at least has ideologies.

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  • Posted August 17, 2021 4:31 pm 0Likes
    Kepha Mobe

    Political alignments as we have seen in the past is taking place once again. Its high time we as Kenyans we know our priorities and work towards them. For so long the dynasties have taken advantage of us and tend to misuse us to their advantage of getting more n more rich but this can change if we stand tall and end their regime. Any regular Kenyan with reasonable agendas should be given a chance to become the country’s chief in command and lead us through to become a better country. We should ashame those who think that they are obliged to rule the country as if it is script written and give other normal countrymen the chance to put their life skills and expertise in leadership to the table. It’s high time.

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