Being one of the agenda why the students in Pwani University demonstrated on 14 of October, still, it’s a puzzle whether the Senate will change the mind to scrap off the policy which threatens majority the students in their academic life.

As per the policy, if a student fails to sit for a supplementary exam in the failed unit, then the student has no option except restudying the unit for the whole semester. But the policy goes on tightening that a student taking a retake must not proceed with his or her year of study, instead, the student is required to focus only on the retake.

The issue has raised many questions whereby the majority of the students are resisting the policy and its implementation.

Fikirini Jacobs who is the chair in the PUSA assured the students that he will make sure by all means the policy does not work in Pwani University.

“The VC himself said that the policy is suspended but some lectures, CODs and Deans are assaulting students that they must follow the policy,” Fikirini said when addressing students a few weeks ago.

In an interview yesterday with one of the teaching staff in the department of Languages Linguistics and Literature Pwani University is that the retake policy was approved and signed by the former PUSA chairman Lomedi Mudaki while he was acting as secretary-general in the PUSA government. Meaning the Senate already approved the policy a long time ago.

Around seven years ago, students used to do retakes while continuing with their year of study. But since the retake policy came about, chaos and confusions have been experienced. ” I graduated in 2012, During our time we used to retake a course while proceeding with the year of study. But your leaders you elected decided to disappoint you” said the lecturer.

by Isaac Nyaribari, Pwani University Press

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