Fear is the colossus that devours even devote bravery, a soul that is clouded with fear can only inspire cowardice. At least this is the ghost that now haunts majority of students who have been known for their daily updates on vulgarisms on social media such as mtaro wa toothpick but who are now dead silent in the very hour of need with their tails shamelessly curled between what scientists nicknamed the gluteus maximus or simply the buttocks for the laymen.

But is their fear misplaced?I hope not. Times have shown what the tiger footed rage of the Administration can do in this particular hour to students who talk too much on social media and only those of little faith would dare forget the wee years when a single notice from the Registrar Mr Malau would send shivers down the spines of poor unmindful comrades; but those days must be gone.

Yet what baffles me is the.extent by which individuals can be so afraid to defend integrity and right. That you pay for the Academic trips but when you ask where the trips are you are shown the ugly face of suspension, that you pay for library services but you can never dare ask where the books are, that you.pay to attend classes but you can never dare ask where the chairs are. This fear that protects the very wrong in our institution demands an academic investigation.

You might pose that my opinion is not consistent with reality since even some alumni-cum businessmen such as Ramadhan Ndiga tend to be hypnotized by the disease of ignorance to the extent that they think that the evidence of discipline and learning is shown by singing apologetic hymns to a broken and rotten system. Theirs is a disease with no cure.

However, in spite of the prevailing circumstances, PUSA must now speak with a voice that demands REASON and RIGHT and know that in matters of style, swim with the current; in matters principle stand like a ROCK. They like the rest of us should not be left wishing in the words of William Shakespeare ‘O, that my tongue was in the thunder’s mouth, then with a passion would I shake the world.’

by Harmanias Njoga

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