Faiba 4G

A new mobile network operator(MNO) in Kenya, faiba4G has just been announced by jamii telecommunications, which is going to highly favour comrades who spend a lot of time browsing. This is after a long journey that started early this year when JTL was awarded a license to use the 700MHz spectrum to test their network’s compatibility.

Faiba4G joins the competitive MNO space in Kenya where we have seen brands come and go. With the hope of beating the competition, JTL’s Faiba 4G is taking the approach of offering only 4G services which includes mobile data, SMS and VoLTE.

At launch, JTL announced that it would be offering free on-net calls for life, with the condition that one has a valid data bundle. Speaking of data bundles, the pricing is quite interesting and to comrades this is a relief as the rates are comrade friendly and they will therefore help comrades save more pocket money, check this out:

Prepaid tariff

SMS bundle Rate
·         On net SMS 1/SMS
·         Off net SMS 1/SMS
·         On net calls (Voice & Video) 2/MIN
·         Off-net calls 2/MIN
·         Data tariff 3/MB


Data Bundles

Bundle size Bundle price (Ksh) Bundle validity (days)
·         1GB 50 1
·         8GB 300 7
·         15GB 500 7
·         25GB 1000 30
·         40GB 2000 30
·         70GB 3000 30
·         120GB 4000 30
·         210GB 6000 30


Mobile Plans

Offer name Data/Day Minutes SMS Price Validity
·         Kifaru 1GB 250 200 1500 30 days
·         Ndovu 2GB 350 500 2500 30 days
·         Simba 3GB 700 700 4000 30 days


The Fisi Hour

Items Benefit
·         Data Unlimited
·         Validity 60 minutes
·         Price Kshs 150


Faiba4G will be available in the following areas: Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and Thika in the meantime but is set to advance in other towns.

At launch, Faiba 4G boasts of 300 base stations with a target of achieving 1000 base stations in three years. JTL says that Faiba 4G customers can achieve up to 72Mbps speeds.

The 074747 SIM cards are the ones to be used by the new network and are available at PhoneXpress but you can also get a free SIM card when you buy a data plan. Faiba’s Mi-Fi is also available for Kshs 5,000 only.

This has been a long time coming for JTL as they have been testing their 4G network since late last year. “The entry into 4G space is customer driven. 4G is one of the main access methods that customers use to access broadband,” John Kama, Managing Director.

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