Skills are a driving force of the real economy. There are so many graduates completing formal studies, yet we still experience an ever increasing rate of unemployment. More and more students find themselves with academic qualifications which don’t guarantee them employment or financial freedom.

In fact, they realise that they have undergone an extensive academic training, have excelled academically but lack the skills to do the job according to customers’ expectations.

The Skills Hunt Summit aims to help students, budding entrepreneurs, employees and employers alike to understand what the real value factors are, for the end user of their products and services and discover what life hacks they can adopt to make themselves more relevant in the economic society.

This is the second of the exciting and monthly series this year. You will not want to miss out on this Kenyatta University edition, nor on the future summits, and eventually the ultimate – the Skills Hunt Expo in November.

The summit will explore the challenges and get insights from representations in the following sectors, which have been categorised into pillars:

  • The Works
  • Business and Technology
  • Water & Agri-business
  • Science & Health
  • Street & Studio
  • The Source

If you want to be part of a groundbreaking journey, make sure to join in person or via Facebook Live so that you can be a part of the challenges presented by corporate and stand a chance to win mentorship and other great opportunities.

Rush and grab your ticket.

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