The misuse of codeine syrup is becoming rampant in our society. The usage of this drug continues to increase frequently among the youth. Besides it’s cheap and affordable compared to other drugs. I felt the interest of researching about codeine today after a BBC documentary was released in Nigeria. The reporter of the story unfortunately lost a sibling and ended up researching and publishing the Nigeria story to bring it to light. So that a number would know the danger of codeine and be warned.

In our country it might be not as immensely used as it is in Nigeria but the consumption increases highly. In areas like Eastleigh Benylin cough syrup is bought in chemists everyday and the all the residents here know that it is used to get high even by those who do not consume it. Even after it has become so obvious that codeine is misused nothing is being done.

Codeine is cheap, one fifty shillings is enough to get the syrup and a bottle of soda, preferably coke or sprite. The mixture makes it sweet and almost like a cocktail it will make you high.It takes a few minutes for you to start experiencing the high. Your head will start feeling heavy and your eyes will become wavy.

Codeine is not like alcohol which stimulates you and makes you active. It acts like a sedative and relaxes your body. Your mind relaxes too and you become more of lazy. It makes you really slow, even conversing with people becomes difficult. For example, you may find that they are slow to even following up a conversation or quickly lose track. You may also find yourself sleeping for longer hours than expected.

Most codeine users are loners they like to seclude themselves from the rest of the world. This drug is very addictive, the fact that it is sweet unlike alcohol and also cheap makes it very easy for the youth to be convinced to use it.

The youth are very gullible and do not know what harm they do to themselves. An overdose of this drug has various side effects. Too much consumption could lead to infertility, frequent hallucinations, family withdrawal and even mental complicationsan addict can possibly lose sanity. In Nigeria codeine users were locked up and tied up in chains because they could no longer fit in the society.

Some were becoming thieves, others ran away from home, dropped out of school and others were already mentally ill. Codeine users like to tip themselves by taking other pills like benzos and xanax which boosts their high. The pills make the syrup have more effect.

Many codeine users who are the youth are mostly jobless or not in school. They need help before the problem becomes unsolvable just like in Nigeria. We really need the youth especially with where this country is heading to. They are very resourceful with the energy they have, they can help build our nation.

It is better to deal with a problem at it’s core before it becomes too hard to deal with. These people do not have to be isolated or put into rehab. It doesn’t always have to work the hard way. Codeine prescriptions should be asked for before selling the syrup. Also awareness of codeine should be brought out in the open and it’s effects just like any other drugs. Not many people know about codeine and they should before they know it in the
wrong way.

We can no longer continue blaming the government for almost everything and anything that goes on in the society. Some choices really are just up to us. Simply saying NO to drug abuse is a choice.

Will we watch our youth slowly being sucked into this drug or will we warn them before it happens? Shall we wait for them to start using and point fingers at them? We the society are responsible for our society and that is something we all need to start accepting. Blaming one another brings endless issues that will never be dealt with. Our country is already suffering from frustrating issues like debts and taxation, codeine use should be made the least of our worries.

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