Author: Tina Munyinyi

From way back marriages were respected and only were couples allowed to live together until they were married. Today our cultures have been abandoned by many of us the 90’s kids. Students in far away universities are under no one’s surveillance and are free to engage in whatever they find amusing. Partying every now and […]

What about tattoos do we really know? People have different perceptions about them. To some they may be quite unethical, others dangerous, others tattoos may be a way of expressing art. I tend to understand that we all have different opinions due to various reasons. Our cultures and beliefs are very different depending on where […]

The misuse of codeine syrup is becoming rampant in our society. The usage of this drug continues to increase frequently among the youth. Besides it’s cheap and affordable compared to other drugs. I felt the interest of researching about codeine today after a BBC documentary was released in Nigeria. The reporter of the story unfortunately […]

Arriving in Daystar, I was sure I had escaped all kinds of odds that were witnessed in other public universities. Being Christian founded and possibly being the best in communication and mass media what could possibly go wrong? I thought. Things began going wrong slowly and invisibly until students realised that it was becoming too […]

At the current state our nation is in, it must be high time we lay aside all our assumptions. We probably think our parents and other mobile workers in our country are in an ambush, have you thought about ten years down the line from now? I mean, we hear their cries every day, their […]

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