After failure to get clearance to vie for the UNSA chairperson position, Owiti Owayo now says that it was a deliberate move by the University’s administration in attempts to kill his political ambition.

In a statement on his social media, Owayo who was campaigning under the slogan the “future is luminous” says, the administration is intimidated by the fact that if he is elected he will not spend  his tenure in office doing nothing, but  working for the students something which the administration may be against, since they want a leader they can coerce. “They know too well that my spirit dwells in the deep ocean of do-somethingism and becomes restless when coerced to survive in the horizons of complacency.” Said Owayo

As a leader he says he would try to find out some of the contentious issues in the UNSA constitution, which continue to cripple the students spirits of vibrancy. He says he will engage them in the same lines and that he will not be duped into being party to any unconstitutional process, that doesn’t resonates well with Comrades’ demands. 

He asked the administration to put him on the ballot saying that he will address the issue of accommodation which is a major crisis in UoN, and that by doing so the discontentment on the comrade faces about everything that is going wrong in the institution will be wiped off.  He added that all the aspirants left to vie are arrogant, incompetent, petty and childish. 

The elections to elect UNSA leaders will be conducted on 5th of April in all  University of Nairobi campuses by an electoral commission comprising of seven members. The university has 36 delegates who will be responsible for electing the leaders that will lead the students for a period of one year.


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