The side hustle launch may be broken down into the following two parts.

  • Pre-launch preparations 
  • Launching day 


At least one month before the actual day of launching the side hustle, one should prepare a checklist of items to be put in place at the business premises. The same list can be prepared if one will operate from home, website or Facebook page. The list should be as comprehensive as possible and acted upon to avoid opening the business doors without some essential things.

For a small restaurant, the checklist would include setting up areas for activities such as storage, cooking, serving, eating and toilets, among others. The required operational assets and systems should in working condition as the business opening day approaches. Required employees should be hired in time and oriented on their job roles.

A signpost at a strategic position should be erected with a message such as “Opening Soon”. Business promotion handbills may be distributed to potential customers residing in the neighbourhood of your side hustle. Tailor the message on handbills to attract the target customers in preparation for the opening day.

Depending on the nature of your side hustle, prepare a program for the actual launch day. Identify and enlist the services of a Master of Ceremony to walk with the guest through the day’s activities. Have a list of guests to be invited for the day most of whom should be potential customers. Choose a relevant Chief Guest for the day to not only grace the occasion but also endorse the business to the public.

In case you will be using a website or Facebook page, look for ways of preparing target clients to visit these platforms. Encourage existing friends to invite people in their network of contacts too, for example, like your Facebook page.

Preparations for the launching day would provide you with an opportunity to explore possible approaches of reaching out to potential customers. Each encounter with customers will be a moment of truth for them to test whether your business will meet their needs. Begin to obtain feedback that will enable you to respond to customers’ expectations.


The launching day will be the climax of your business start-up process. Using the prepared checklist, confirm that everything is in order before the time of the launching ceremony. Follow the launching program to the letter to avoid keeping the guests beyond the planned time. If it is a small restaurant you were opening, on that day customers could be served meals with a free fruit such as a ripe banana.

After the launching ceremony, have the guest to either taste your products or buy them at an offer price. Let the day bring in money from selling your products or services to start off operations on the right foot. Interact with customers for first-hand feedback on the offering of the side hustle.

If your business is to provide professional services, collect business cards from the people who will attend the event. The contacts you have obtained shall be the ones to approach for initial business assignments. Also, share your business brochures, business cards and other promotional materials with the guests.

The opening of the business is the beginning of the long journey of running your side hustle. You will come across good and bad business days, all of which will provide you with lessons for future operations. Success in your side hustle will be a function of hard work, determination and resilience.


Now that you have covered the business start-up process, next posts shall on Preparing a Side Hustle Business Plan.

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