Gregory Nyauchi who is an advocate of the high court of Kenya, is the man who brought back the holiday we are celebrating today after it was scrapped off in 2010. Mr Nyauchi filed a case in court last year that questioned why Moi day was scrapped as a public holiday.

The 31 year old who is a University of Nairobi school of law graduate said, he brought back Moi Day to correct a misinterpretation of the constitution stating that all Kenyans are equal before the law and that existing laws before the 2010 promulgation of the constitution would continue to take force as long as they did not contradict the constitution.

Nyauchi who joined the bar back in 2015 argued that former president Daniel Moi served this nation and deserved to have a day named after him just like the first president of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

He further added that the country only has a tiny minority who are granted the 21 leave days that the employment act provides for and that a public holiday was necessary since most people go to work everyday except the weekend.

A public holiday is for many the only day they get to rest and relax and also the only time some families can gather and friends see each other.

He said he invested his time and paid sh 10,000 as court filing fees but wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

The day was reinstated in 9th of November in a ruling made by Justice George Odunga. In his judgment justice Odunga declared that October 10 is in fact a public holiday and should be observed.

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