Vijana Independent Party members held a successful virtual meeting via the popular tool Zoom. The meeting was meant to forge ahead action items to empower the youth.

Members have agreed that the youth as the silent majority have to make their voices heard through institutions like VIJANA INDEPENDENT PARTY so that they now become the AUDIBLE MAJORITY.

Youth have been misused by being given handouts during Elections. This it has been observed is done by politicians hell-bent on CORRUPTION as their only roadmap to Election victory.

It has been resolved that the VIP party will work smart in delivering robust Civic education to the youth to sensitize them on the need to reject corrupt politicians.

Responding to questions, Presidential aspirant Christopher Alvin Mokaya asserted that TRIBALISM must be also rejected by the youth. Therefore, all youth of Kenya from Makueni to Mandera, from Lamu to Lagdera, from Nyamira to Nyeri have to UNITE as ONE and stay focused on supporting youth Political aspirants in the 2022 General Elections.

Mokaya reiterated the importance of servant leadership, and that if elected he will ensure he is available for the electorate. You can check out more or directly get in touch with Vijana Independent Party via Twitter or Facebook and directly reach out to Mokaya via his Facebook.

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