99% of Kenyan Graduates solely depend on employment hoping that after getting the intended degree they will automatically get their career job, however, this is not the case in the real world. Currently, in Kenya, the number of graduates exceeds the number of available job positions.

This makes it hard for individuals to get an immediate job after graduation, however, this is not the sole reasons why most of us end up unemployed but we are the creators of our own fate. Having a university degree does not make one, or superior to those who lack, it only gives you an added advantage in some cases, but have you ever asked yourself if such scenarios, not exist? This means that you are in the same bracket as someone who has no degree so you have to struggle your way up the way they do.

This might be the hardest part since a lot of graduates fear getting their hands dirty with an excuse that it is not their career job. If that’s the case why did some subjects in primary or secondary which do not contribute to your career course? The same way you should be patient with yourself, humble and grab any opportunity that comes around since every successful person has a touching story and what you are avoiding might be the tools to write yours.

It takes a simple step to change your entire life so don’t underestimate the power of humble beginnings and be ready to do anything that can bring change no matter how small it might be.


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    Very true.

    Even if you want to gain employment, there are online jobs out there for those who search. I studied at Industrial Chemistry at KU. Two years down the line, I’m working from home for radio hosting company in Canada @ https://www.cloudrad.io/ There are opportunities for those that seek them.

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