Young MA, the best female Brooklyn rapper at the moment was being interviewed in Montreality show. And she became so realistic with the current hiphop industry. He said that the industry is not balanced as it used to be in the near past. Apart from the industry he got personal and talked about her definition of love. She defined love as something that drives her to do work. Love it not about words alone. She went further and mentioned that one knows that he/she is in love only when they break-up.

Young MA also expressed her passion for 50 Cent’s musical career. She said that she knew 50 when he became “mainstream”. She said that she used to represent G-Unit just the same way she is representing Red Lyf right now. Picture of Young MA and 50 Cent chilling was shown while the interview proceeded. She also spitted some 5o punchlines from 5o’s single “Many Men”. When she was asked by the interviewer her realest shit, she answered by spitting some punchlines from her single “EAT” .”…You call it designer, I call it disguising, MA speaking that knowledge, yeah I had to remind ’em. Gotta preach ’em that real, Gotta teach ’em that trill, In this game is no love, either kill or be killed…”

Young MA also mentioned the likes of  Lil Yatchy and Lil Uzi Vert but defended herself by saying she is not in beef with them. She said that Yatchy and Uzi are really enjoying themselves and banging but that is not going to help anything. She also mentioned the BET male artist of the year, Kendrick Lamar.

She closed the interview with a message to the youth. She started this by spitting the first verse of her single “Self”. She said how negativity has become the coolest thing currently. But she tells youths to stay positive and don’t get easily influenced by other people. “Never allow other people’s opinions change how you do things in your life. Be a leader, not a follower. Stay in school and live your dreams”, She said. Watch her

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