Be your own boss is a slogan used by many but Tiger Blastars is living it. At his tender age he has managed to establish his own empire. Blastars Empire is an entertainment organization and a home to various artist like Deciser Blasters, MC’s and dancers who are currently signed under the label.

Tiger has been making boss moves since 2015 to an extend that a lot of people question his source of wealth. Rumours had it that he is currently under a bigger cartel dealing with illegal stuff while other say he joined a secret society. However we all know that a prophet is never accepted at his home.

Before pointing fingers, we decided to dig deeper to find out more. Our investigation bore no fruit since the young tycoon has a small circle full of close friends. However we found out that he recently purchased a new house worth 16.2 million and he is a legit owner of a bigger business empire.

People in his neighborhood call him the dollar spender basing on the fact that he spends a lot on a lavish lifestyle and expensive imported assets. His cash inflow seems massive and can only be compared to international business men if you take a closer look at his invoices and receipts.

Lately he has been spotted hanging out with celebrities including Demarco when he was in the country. Tiger Blasters will also attend Nebulazz birthday party after which he is expected to host his mega bash as a celebration of his success, the date is still private but looking at the budget alot of cash is expected to be spent and this brings us to the question, is he involved in illegal stuff or has he joined a secret society?

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