It is everyone’s dream to work in a place of their choice.  But the worst thing is of how students move from one organization to another looking for attachments or internships.

But what really kills once moral is that you have gotten the position and promised to be called back only for you to wait for months without getting any response.

So tell me what does one do after they experience such a bitter disappointment. What does this student do in such a situation?

We meet Esther a student from Thika Technical college who the tells us of what she encountered while looking for an internship.

‘I have gone to several institutions enquiring if they have a position open in the field of I.T, dropped so many papers but no one seems to respond. I am so desperate and I don’t mind which kind of work I will get as long as I have a place where I will be going every day and making myself busy’, she said.

Most of this students, look for attachments to enable them to graduate after being approved by their lectures.

At the back of my mind I was asking myself, has it really reached a point where students really don’t ‘care’ of what position they try to get as far as they do now feel like they are being misused or that they have spent a lot of time in schools but end up not getting job?  Or it could it be maybe the ignorance of students not to following up on places where they had dropped their letters.

Is it the right for the students to be taken around a loop. I mean. Some of the reasons why this happens are that students are still considered as ‘underachievers or arrogant people.’

But why do some organizations have such a mentality?

Esther emphasizes that only those who know the ‘big fish’ in some organizations are able to get these opportunities.

But again, is this the right way to go?

Everyone’s dream is to be what they have either studied or what their passion is. But if this how students end up losing hope with life and get into the life of crime, prostitution and even misusing drugs as a sign of depression, then this is a real issue that needs to be addressed.

And if they get this attachment, should they at least be given some pocket money to help them financially as a way of boosting their morale instead of overworking them?

So what is the main solution to all this?

How can the government hear the cries of those who have been jobless for more than 5 years?

I believe that the young people are the leaders of tomorrow.

How can students like Mary be helped?

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