Arriving in Daystar, I was sure I had escaped all kinds of odds that were witnessed in other public universities. Being Christian founded and possibly being the best in communication and mass media what could possibly go wrong? I thought. Things began going wrong slowly and invisibly until students realised that it was becoming too much and with the amount of money we pay it was defined as unfair by us all.

The food was becoming a nuisance. There even happened to be an outbreak of cholera, can you imagine? Up to around 30 students were diagnosed. The hostels in Athi River were intolerable and not conducive at all. The maintenance was poor, we complained and complained. I cannot forget about the bed bugs they were just multiplying and poor sanitation too.

With all these going the students’ body decided they had to hold a meeting with the Vice-chancellor and directors and requested for one. They failed to show up about three times or more which led to frustrations and anger. The only solution left was student activism. So we joined hands and #daystarlivesmatter set the pace. We went out on the roads but it wasn’t as successful, the VC made sure our intentions were not met and sent GSU officers to interfere.

The only time Daystar held a strike was back then in 2004 and it was a silent strike, they put tapes in their mouths and did not attend class. They did not cause chaos or destroy anything either. So last year when teargas landed in their premises they fled anonymously. Unlike UON and KU students, Daystarians are not many and might be fragile and not courageous enough to want to ramble with the police.

After this occurrence, the school was closed immediately and we did not even do our exams. The only step that was taken after a couple of meetings and so many complaints the VC Timothy Wachira was forced to retire. He embezzled and misused so much of the school funds for many years and had to step down. The school is still in a bad place, it has no investments at all and relies on our fees. I found this very amusing indeed. They are now forcing students to clear the balance before the initial deadline which is just before exams. Anyone who will not clear will be apparently forced to go home.

It is unheard of but this is a private institution and the stakeholders happen to be in control. This year lecturers have only been paid three or four times and they are running out of patience. Although all this is happening what many don’t know is that it will continue being an institution of excellence. The students here are so smart and dedicated to their studies and so are the lecturers of which some are news anchors, editors and writers.

In the middle of all these, you will be surprised that studies still continue without interference and the students avoid to engage in another strike. A lot of time was wasted when they did the two times, most of them want to finish their studies and graduate.

Despite all these hindrances Daystarians have been able to keep themselves on toes and focus. No one there is looking to the downfall of Daystar, we are assured that all shall be well and we will continue producing the best output in mass media. Success can never be hindered by factors that can be controlled!

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