Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) recording label CEO Bahati releases a song with a theme on the current situation in our country – election violence. Bahati tells the story of the effects of election violence; killing innocent people and neighbours, tribalism, insecurity caused by the violence and importance of living brotherhood and sisterhood life. Bahati asks questions which are worth answering as young people and the citizens at large within the song; who will protect our children, mama mboga, and neighbours. The video features the footages of negative effects of election violence – dead people, displaced people, sorrowful families, police fighting with the wananchi among others.

Below is a section of the lyrics;

Mama Mboga Alindwe na Nani?
Mwanamziki askizwe na Nani?
Yule Mwalimu Amfunze nani?
Watoto wetu walindwe na Naniiii?
Tusipigane wakose Amani!!

Watch the song on YouTube.

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