“I hate been a Virgin”, those are the first words my friend let’s call her Kate uttered as she walked in. Apparently, the guy she was almost dating, lost interest in her because she is a Virgin. All her other attributes were ok with the guy except that one, her still being a Virgin. This made me wonder, is been a Virgin that much of a turn-off. Why is it hard to believe a 24-year-old lady when she says she is a Virgin?

It’s a well-known fact that relationships without intimacy in this day and age is similar to having Frankenstein without his laboratory. Many times we have heard “prove that you love me”  “If you love me you would do it” all because one is not ready for that big step. We live in an era where sex talk is the norm of the day. The mere thought of virgins is just not convincible.

It’s a shame that we live in a world where the mantra is “If everyone is doing it why should I or they?” But as much as virginity is not given that much thought it is highly unlikely for it to be considered valuable today but one lady just proved that it is extremely valuable, Pseudonymous Natalie Dylan in 2008 offered her virginity for sale to the highest bidder and she received offers close 3.8 million dollars.

Yes, it is a shocker but apparently, virginity sells like crazy especially in a society where everyone is doing it.

Our society should encourage abstinence not promiscuity, nor applauding men with numerous women at their beck and call, No we should change that mode of thinking at once. Society should also teach that being a Virgin is not a crime and neither is it a sin, with this we won’t have people like my friend Kate who hate been a Virgin but will instead embrace it and wait for the right time.

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