And the Princess kissed the frog, thus breaking the curse and the frog turned into a handsome Prince”

I have always loved fairy-tales sadly the reality isn’t as glamorous as one may think. This is because the number of frogs outweighs the number of princes. The dating world is a vicious cycle,you meet someone,you get along fabulously ,get to know each other, endless chats, endless calls, late night dates and as time passes by you realise he wasn’t who you thought he was. You end up leaving and that’s when you start wondering how to spot this type of men from a mile away. We have several types of men you can decide to avoid or try and change them.

Mr Insecurity.

This guy is everything you look for in a guy, except for the insecure part. His insecurity not only limits everything but it will also limit your relationship. He will not under any circumstance trust you regardless of what you do. Do you think you can change him? Well, good luck with that. If you don’t think you can change him then just stay away.

Mr Mama’s Boy

“Babe, can we buy a new TV?” “Let me talk to my mum first” “Babe can we go out for a movie this Friday?” “That’s a lovely idea am sure my mum will enjoy it” “I wish you could cook like my mum…….”
Frankly, such guys are a big no. It’s like you’re dating him and his mum!
Need I continue?

Mr Married guy

Do you honestly need reasons as to why this guy should be a no-go zone? If you’re actually serious let me just say it. HE IS FREAKING MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE, COMMITTED TO SOMEONE ELSE. Getting together with him is an extremely horrible, terrible idea.

Mr Lazy bones

Ever watched the TV programme called “Varshita”. There’s a character called Bobo. This guy has been sleeping on his cousin’s couch for the last ten years, he has no job, all he does is eat and play video games. This type of guy has nothing going on with his life, all he will be is another Bobo in your life. You deserve better than that and you know it.

Mr Narcissist.

This guy is head over heels in love with himself. He believes that he is God’s gift to society and he is not shy about letting you know. It’s literally impossible to be in a relationship with this one. He makes decisions without consulting you because he consulted himself. Honestly why be with such a person.

Mr Dramatic aka Primadonna.

This guy is a real life primadonna, he freaks out over the most little things. Dare you be late to meet him that simple argument is going to turn into a full-blown episode of Housewives of Atlanta. Sarcasm rolls off his back because he doesn’t get it. He takes everything, every single thing literally endure such a headache?

Mr Power Monger

This man has a need to control everything in his life including you. He may start giving you order or may even manipulate you in one way or another. This my lovelies is not a relationship but a dictatorship. A relationship cannot and will not survive like that. You control your own life, you are your own boss not him!!

Not all men fall under this category, some are actually very good men with amazing characters. Some men are actually in this category and for you they may be willing to make a change. Before you avoid, give him the benefit of the doubt.

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