All free to air radio and TV stations with an inclusion of clubs and other entertainment joints in Kenya are from today not allowed to play the song ‘Takataka’. This follows after Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua banned the song and summoned Alvin aka Alvindo to appear before the board within two weeks.

Addressing the media, Ezekiel Mutua said that the song is primitive, abusive and the language used objectifies women and glorifies hurting them. The board also stated their observation on the recent killing of women including the most recent in Eldoret and Nyeri counties and said it is of great concern that such songs are inciting the violent behavior by men who face rejection by suitors.

The board said that the song was not submitted for classification as it is required and therefore exhibition, distribution and possession of the song is a criminal offence. Mutua said the reason for the ban four months later is because the board was being careful and following the process necessary to have a firm case against such content.

The artiste will risk revoking his membership in any of the three Content Management Organizations (CMOs) including the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, Kenya Association of Music producers and Performing Rights Society of Kenya.

The Board has urged artistes and media houses to create and exhibit content that builds society. “Art is the mirror of society but art must also set the right agenda by ensuring that content promotes moral responsibility at all times,” read the board  statement.

The board has instituted the take-down of the song from all online platforms with immediate effect.

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